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Way South Awesome

"Discover the essence of South Austin's vibrant spirit at Moontower Saloon, a beloved neighborhood gem renowned for its authentic atmosphere and laid-back charm. Nestled within a grove of Live Oak Trees, our bar offers a welcoming haven where locals and visitors alike gather to unwind and create lasting memories.

Step into our rustic oasis, that is called Way South Awesome, and immerse yourself in the eclectic ambiance, where strings of lights dance overhead, and the sounds of live music fill the air. Whether you're lounging on our spacious outdoor patio, enjoying a cold brew with friends at the bar, or savoring mouthwatering Texas BBQ from our food trucks, every moment at Moontower Saloon is an authentic Austin experience.

With a diverse selection of craft beers, signature cocktails, and local favorites, our bar caters to every palate, ensuring there's something for everyone to enjoy. From laid-back afternoons soaking up the sunshine to lively evenings filled with laughter and camaraderie, Moontower Saloon is more than just a bar—it's a true South Austin institution.

Conveniently located and easily accessible, our friendly staff is always ready to welcome you with a smile and ensure your visit is nothing short of extraordinary. So come join us at Moontower Saloon, where the drinks are cold, the vibes are warm, and the memories are unforgettable. Welcome to the heart of South Austin."

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To Taste Is To Enjoy

We use quality, fresh ingredients in all our dishes!

Food trucks menu


Full Bar Available

In addition to our great beer selection, we offer signature cocktails and a full bar. Be sure to ask your bartender about specials and rotating or seasonal beers!


Live Music

Every Friday – Sunday

You can hear everything from traditional covers of Country, Rock n’ Roll, Blues, and 80s music to originals from local bands. No matter what you like, chances are we have it so be sure to check our calendar below to see who is coming up!



Austin Sport & Socila club logo

The North side of the Moontower property features 3 professional grade sand volleyball courts. These courts are complete with landscaped shaded gallery viewing area, freshwater rinse-down stations, the referee stands, 2’s & 6’s lines/antennas, and a mini-bar. Friday and Saturday are Open Play and Reservations. Tourneys are Saturdays. Please call Moontower for availability or fill out the form below to reserve a court.

Moontower Volleyball is run by Austin volleyball & Social Club and has its own website where players are able to register for leagues and find information on all things volleyball related!




10212 Menchaca Road
Austin, TX


Normal Hours
Monday - Friday 1pm-2am
Sat-Sunday 12pm-2am